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How To Write The Results Section Of A Dissertation

The result part in any report or thesis defines the findings of a specific study. Dissertation writing service UK uses different approaches to write the appropriate result section. Online dissertation help UK represents your findings logically without any biases from the writer. Results evaluate based on performance, evidence, and past research and findings in the dissertation section. Academic helpers break down the data into sentences for better understanding.
In contrast, the result is the third part of any scientific research paper. Most students have yet to learn how to present the result part, but dissertation writing service UK observes the methods and findings correctly before jotting down the result. Many journals and logbooks have a result section that answers your conclusions.

What Needs To Be Included In The Results Section?

The section should include the findings regarding your research. Moreover, it is a set of your experiments with facts and figures. Online assignment editors include everything that supports your argument.
On the other hand, if you are an undergraduate, you must add most of your work while writing a result section of your dissertation. In contrast, our expert academic helpers use past tenses to describe your past studies and present tenses to present your findings. Below are the things that need to be included in your result section.

  • Add graphs, tables, and charts to represent your finding numerically. In addition, it can be placed in the text on separate pages at the end for better understanding.
  • Add a bit of background to this data in sentence form.
  • Add data that supports your research question.
  • Lastly, the assignment writing help add all outcome analysis and secondary findings.

Moreover, if your research topic is broad, there are several variables and methods with a range of various results. Dissertation writing help online knows how to evaluate things and present them adequately. Additionally, academic helpers only deliver the most relevant results to the research question you voiced in the introduction.

However, it's a general rule that any information not directly related to your findings should be left out of those result sections. Until or unless the writer's voice combines and explains the variation.

Documenting Quantitative Analysis Results

Quantitative research is a numeric base finding. While performing quantitative research, a student will deal with analytics and demographic. In addition, students don't like to play with numbers and present them formally. No need to panic. Dissertation writing service UK builds your result section in a professional way that is easy to understand

Moreover, the most logical way to conduct quantitative research is to support it with a hypothesis and questions. Read below to find out how to document your quantitative research.

  • A simple linear test or t-test with a detailed description is put in the methodology section.

  • For better understanding, academic helpers summarize your result positively and negatively. Moreover, this will include standard derivations, statics, and scores.

  • Lastly, describe how your findings relate to your research question. Online dissertation help UK put results that are not directly related to your conclusions but supports your overall discussion.

Documenting Qualitative Analysis Results

When conducting qualitative research, your findings may not directly connect with specific hypotheses. However, in this case, academic helpers construct your DISSERTATION result based on general observations, data, and arguments. Below are the things that you can mention in your qualitative results.

  • Agreements and disagreements that are directly or indirectly connected with your research question.

  • Design and trend according to your academic requirements and need.

  • Short meaningful sources that support your findings.

Lastly, an online dissertation help UK clarify the points with a proper quotation and demographic data about participants. However, this part can be included in an appendix as well.

How To Decide What Is Relevant

This is the crucial point that needs to be balanced. However, many students need clarification about how to summarize things in a presentable way. Dissertation help ensures that your result aligns with the purpose of your comprehensive study and research question. However, your results section will generally include the following things below:

  • Some samples of your demographics.

  • Test or measurements (if any)

  • Define your statics.

  • Hypothesis based on your studies.

For any student, this part can be crucial, but assignment writing help UK make sure to highlight the relationship between your variables.

Steps T0 Write A Result Chapter

There is no rule to follow while writing a result chapter. However, there are some steps below that academic helpers follow to structure your result professionally.


    The first step is to revisit your research question, reread it, and ask yourself about the purpose of your research. The experts at dissertation help make sure to add related things to your result and make it presentable with clarity so that readers can understand and be satisfied with your arguments. It is beneficial to think about the key points that you raise in your discussion and want to conclude correctly.

    Dissertation help present the data of your demographics. However, it is just an overview of the targeted audience. For instance,

    • A number of males, females, and children.
    • Age range.
    • Area of your participants (location of your targeted audience)
    • How educated your target audience is (are they graduated or undergraduate)

    Remember that your audience should be mature and educated enough to answer your question correctly. However, online dissertation help UK design surveys in a proper way so that it is easy for your audience to understand

    Dissertation help make sure to summarize key finding to wrap up the arguments. This part should be brief. It should be to the point with clear facts and figures.  The online assignment editor highlights the findings with a relevant question and finding to conclude the arguments.

Final Words

After completing the result section, it feels like an achievement. Read the article above; it will help you reduce your worries and increase your confidence level, which will help you write the dissertation section better.