Master the Art of Writing Argumentative Essays

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing that persuades the reader of a particular point of view using factual data and logical arguments. Argumentative essays focus heavily on hard facts, citing various research and sources to demonstrate why their position is the best.

While many sorts of essays seek to persuade the reader to believe a particular point of view. Essays with an argument don't have to be belligerent or aggressive. Instead, it takes its name from the method of reasoning in which the author provides adequate evidence to simultaneously support and refute opposing viewpoints.

Remember that the purpose of an argumentative essay is to demonstrate that your thesis is the only logical conclusion. Convincing the reader of a specific point of view is the goal of argumentative essays. The technique of persuasion is what distinguishes an essay as being argumentative. An argumentative essay proves its thesis using factual evidence and unfeasible logic. The student can take a stance and support it with the data gathered via detailed study.

This helps the student to learn about the issue and other points of view on it. Argumentative essays, regardless of the quantity or type of research used, must develop a distinct thesis and adhere to logical reasoning. Elements of an Argumentative Essay: Argumentative essays should have a clear framework to make them simple for readers to understand. An argumentative essay's objective is to succinctly describe a point of view, a line of reasoning, and supporting details. An effective argumentative essay should have the following format:

Introduction Paragraph:

The first paragraph of your essay should introduce the subject, give background details that are important to comprehend your argument, list the supporting details, and explain your thesis.

Thesis Statement:

This is a sentence in your first paragraph. It is a succinct explanation of your key argument and assertion in one line. A contentious thesis or claim should be presented at the outset of every argumentative or persuasive essay. To put it another way, the thesis ought to be something about which reasonable people may disagree. There is no need to try to persuade people if your thesis is something that is widely acknowledged or taken as fact.


An argumentative essay often has three or more paragraphs that provide supporting evidence for your topic. The topic sentence of each body paragraph, which should address a new idea or piece of evidence, should succinctly and clearly state why the reader should support your argument.Address opposing arguments and refute them, or explain why you disagree. Gaining the reader's trust requires factual presentation and considering a subject from all sides.


One paragraph summarizes all of the points stated in your body paragraphs and restates your thesis. A strong ending will appeal to the reader's emotions rather than adding fresh information or more arguments. Some authors will utilize a personal narrative to illustrate how the subject directly impacts them.

3 Types of Arguments:

There are three ways in which you can structure your argument, choose anyone to define your approach.


Give the major point of contention, express your viewpoint, and try to persuade the reader that your position is the correct one. This approach of argumentation, sometimes known as Aristotelian, is the most widely used since it is the easiest to understand.It summarizes the facts succinctly and plainly, making it beneficial when your audience is unfamiliar with the subject or lacks strong opinions.


Present the issue, accept the opposing viewpoint, establish your position, and justify why it is the most advantageous to the reader. Given that it shows the center ground and respects both sides of an issue, this kind of argument works well for divisive themes.


Present your claim, then provide evidence to support it. Finally, establish how the reasons are related to the claim. This kind of argument is similarly powerful for divisive issues, but it only provides one viewpoint, relying heavily on facts that are presented in a way that makes the assertion hard to refute.

Tips to Improve Argumentative Essay:

●Be Clear and Concessive:

Students should provide background information by briefly discussing the subject in the opening paragraph of an argumentative essay. The author should then discuss the topic's importance (exigency) or the reasons why readers should be concerned about it. The thesis statement should then be presented by the pupils. This thesis statement must be adequately restricted to adhere to the essay's requirements.

●Develop a Logical Understanding:

The mortar that keeps the essay's structure together is its transitions. The essay's point cannot be understood by the reader without the logical flow of thinking. The structure will fail. Transitions should summarize the previous section's main point and introduce the following section's main theme.

●Include Evidential Support in the Body:

It is crucial to remember that every paragraph in the essay's body must logically relate to the thesis statement in the introduction. The thesis statement will be explicitly supported in certain paragraphs by research-based data. Students should devote one or two paragraphs of an argumentative essay, to discuss opposing viewpoints on the subject. Also, observe how viewpoints that do not support their thesis should be noted rather than demonstrating how these divergent ideas are categorically incorrect.

●Apply the 5-Paragraph Method:

The five-paragraph essay format is a popular style for writing argumentative essays. This is not the sole method for producing these articles, though. If it seems simple, that's because it is. The approach consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs with evidence, which may include exploring alternative viewpoints, and a conclusion.

Final words:

Understanding how to properly outline your point of view is the key to creating an effective argumentative essay.Regardless of whether you're writing it as an aesthetic exercise or hoping to catch the attention of a prestigious journal. However, by chance, if you are facing difficulty with a complex essay assignment. You can always hire academic writing help, offering affordable prices with top work, as well as, Take my essay help.